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SGML and SGML parsers....
I've looking at a SGML parser (probably the best one available on the net for download, I think) but it doesn't solve my immedidate problem.

I don't need, right now, the whole possibilities of SGML; I just need to be able to get TAGs to carry values in their ATTRIBUTES and container tags to carry data between the start and end tags.

So I'll have to go in the same path I've already started and finish my own parser.
Latter, I might use other's code, if it will prove usefull, but right now I just have to finish it.
At this point I'm not going to have a DTD parser that will build the necessary words to conduct the main parser (giving the semanting meaning and rules for the *ML file being parsed) but I'll build them by hand, at this point.
Later I can go for a more generic solution.

So, let's go back to coding....