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(no subject)
This application and it's development has leaded to the development of a more advanced form of some utility words that I was already using.
And, at the same time, I have already a totally parameterized form that now has 2 parts; the form itself and the "datasheet" that has the variables with the values to be sown and which will receive any changed value by the user.

Now, this same process will be used for the other forms. I have to move the already defined LBBs to a separate file, to alow for it's reutilization, and continuing to build the forms as they will be indispensable for the data migration for the new database as I haven't yet devised a way how the migration will be possible to be automatized....

Well, I'm almost done here and ready to go to the office to test the code done so far and continue with the creation of the routines that will setup and handle the new database...

Anyway, although with this work I haven't had the time I would like to follow the developments here in LJ and those who are in my freind's list, I would like to wish to tou all a very good and productive day!

See you all latter.