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A day to forget or to remember?

Yesterday was a "interesting" day, if I may call it that way.....

It started when, in the morning, my wife and I were arriving home; it was necessary for someone to be there for the day and weren't possible to go there in the day before and say there, fore several reasons.

So, I enter in the park in front of the building. looking for a place to park the car just to find that it was so crowded that was not possible to make a U-turn there....
So I have to go out backwards and as I'm doing that, another car just enters in the narrow access to it.

Instead of doing the same, so I could leave, it tries to put it self near the wall and I have to pass between it and the other cars correctly parked.
The space was quite narrow and the cars touch one the other on the rear side.

The lady that was driving the other car immediately says that it wasn't her fault; I do believe that it is as seeing me trying to go out, the only thing she had to do was to go out first and then she could enter again if she felt like it!
Mainly I live there and she was only going to the hospital that exists in front of the building.

Well, we end-up giving each other's contacts and agree to meet later as neither of us had the document to make a friendly participation to the insurance companies.

But while there, I was already on the cellular as problems were developing in S. Internet access server;
Due to power failures, while the were changing the servers to their new office, and before the UPS were fully operational, some superficial damages had developed in the server's disk, mainly in the 1st partition, the one that has the operating system....

So, instead of going to the office, continue the development of the application I have been developing, I must go there and see, at least, the gravity of the situation (I knew already it would be somewhat serious) and devise a contingency plan to deal with it.

Of course that, when I arrived there, there weren't ant places (even paid ones) where I could leave the car, so I had to leave it over the side walk.
On the server's room, I could see that the damage was so near the beginning of the first partition that the server couldn't even start properly, due to some corrupted shared libraries.

So, I take the disk out, and bring it to the office where while I program a little more, I manage to stabilize the disk.
Unfortunately I soul have had the idea of making a copy of that partition but time was running and I didn't even thought of that.

But when I left S. and arrive to the car, I just find that there was a policeman doing it's duty and passing the correspondent ticket.

Damn! Nothing I can do about it so, let's go forward.

After I had the disk stabilized I went back to S. (and just stooped on the way, a little, to eat something as I didn't even had lunch:...) and started to boot the server from it.
I manage to do so, and managed to recover the corrupted libraries but suddenly more errors appeared and I the server started giving "Kernel Panic", as it was not able to initialize some very fundamental libraries.

So, I just stooped, stopped the disk, grabbed another computer that was unused at the time, and made a fresh OS install (with the same OS version).
After that I connected the ill disk and manage to copy all partitions except the 1st one, that I wasn't able to mount any more and not even to at it corrected with the file system check.
The error on LBAsector 73 was it's death and the death of it's contents....

Now, ALL the server configuration, user account and password data WAS there!
And the copy I had at hand was 5 months old....

So, it was from 22 to 5 in the morning, to re-enter the lost information by hand, both of us terrible sleepy, but all ended up well.
By 4 o'clock, emails ware already being received and sent.

Now, I mention this as it was useful to learn quite a few lessons.
Of course that I couldn't work on the application (I hope to be able to do it today) but I could see quite clearly which are the necessary changes that will have to be implemented for the new generation of the server.

First, it won't but just a server anymore but a set of servers, each one with it's task.
Some for mail, another for WWW and another one just for DNS.
Second, they will be with RAID 1 and there will be a backup policy, at least for the contents data and configuration data.
Third, there will be a distinction between the intranet servers and the Internet servers.

Well, it's already almost 15 o'clock, so I'm going to home to have lunch as I do have a long day of work ahead!

See you all latter!

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