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Relaxing hot bath!....

I took a relaxing hot bath and while in the tub I manage to think a little more about where I am in the application...

I've realized that, independently this specific program, a lot of pieces of code are being built that in due time will form a consistent whole.

One thing that stroke me is that this SGML document compilation can be used latter (when I finish the generic SGML parser) for (for instance) the compilation of a HTML document in a DOM (Document Object Model), which is, really, the heart of any browser.....

And with almost no effort at all, my 4th-HTML can be generalized to be a 4th-HTML and all it's elements not only generate the terminal document in a specific SGML DTD but also it's core be used for the document parsing/validation/compilation.

That would, undoubtly, be a tremendous usefull and powerfull tool for document processing and more.
One should not forget that SGML is probabily the most versatile tool to handle information storage and information manipulation; it's not in vain that it is called Simple Generalized Markup Language....

It's, in fact, trully amazing what a hot bath can do when someone is thinking upon a problem!

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