António José (ajose) wrote,
António José


It's hot here!

Seems that the Summer weather finnaly came and I guess that many persons are wishing it will stay!

I'm here, at the varanda (which was closed a long time ago), with the windows open but, even that way, it is quite hot (and I'm not directely exposed to the Sun as I'm in the southeast side of the building....).

But, having the curtains closed, I manage to keep the rest of house a little cooler....

Well, I've just had lunch and now I'm going to try to put my son to sleep as he is already sleepy (lets see if I just manage to keep him in his bed until we falls asleep!...) and then, get back here to continue working.

The application is taking shape as planned but too slowlly!
I've been trying and debuging at each step, which is good and will pay off, but makes it go too slowlly for what would be necessary....

Well, I do wish a good afternoon to you all, wherever you are!

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