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Skellig [Live]

Listening to Skellig [Live] by Loreena McKennit at Spinner....

I wish there were a way to directely record the music one can hear through the Spinner player or other players but, as in stramming mode, it is just not stored on the computer.... :-(((

Anyway, it's always calm to hear it!

Although I don't have many time to build up new worlds in the Land of Fantasy, I do can understand what GEN wrote on her own journal!
Yes, those worlds might not exist in this three dimensional plan but I don't have any doubt that they do exist and that are real, at least for those who can see them.

And music is, so far to my expirience, one of the most powerfull ways we have to travel to those diferent worlds and experience (at least in part) some of it's existence....

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