António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Dealramh Go Deo

Listening to Dealramh Go Deo by Clannad at Spinner...

Working more on the Application.
I'm working, right now, on the ANS Forth code to make the SGML parsing and get the parsers ready.

My idea is has follows:
Although I'm not going to work with a generic SGML parser, right now, I do wave already written the words to get a TAG, a ENTITY or the text between TAGs and ENTITIES and have also the word that on a given string, and with the parsing pointer pointing to the beginning of a container TAG, will return the contents of that container.

Now I just need to write a word or group of words to make all this work together and compile a structure that will represent the SGML documented being parsed.
From there it will be a "piece of cake" to build the result code of variables and their contents to return to the caller....

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