António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Listening to Dealramh Go Deo by Clannad at Spinner.....

Normally I'm always listening to music.
And I do find interesting how the simple fact that sometimes latter I hear the same music all the sudent bring to memory not only rememberings but also the whole environment, feelings ald everything else that I was experiencing back then!

I supose that this will happen with anyone but, nevertheless, I do find it quite interesting....

Soon enough I'll have to stop here to go and put my son to sleep and I don't yet know if I'm going to be able to come to here and work a little more or I'll have to go and lay down and sleep for a while....
If I was to be just in movement tomorrow, from one place to the other, I would certainlly risk it but as i'll be all day in front of the computer, programming, I might not be productive at all if I don't rest, at least for a little while....

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