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I did it!


It's not ready yet but today I have already sent one message from the User Interface (a 'app-start' command, actually) to the already written part of the Root Server and it all works as expected.

This night and tomorrow I must finish writting the parser to extract the relevant information from the passed messages.

Right now I'm not going for a generic SGML parser as it is more complex than just specific parsers for each *ML language used but, clearly, that'sn the wat to go in the future.
That way, I'll have the necessary tools to handle any *ML language (having it's DTD), even HTML or XML as they are specific SGML DTDs!.

Even passing code fragments from one part of the application to the other is possible as I have provided for the code type be passed within the CDML....

If everything goes well, I expect that by next friday, I might be able to continue developing the objects of the interface, etc, as the 6 basic user interface commands ('app-start', 'login', 'new-session', 'get-data', 'put-data' and 'req.object') will e implemented.

Well, back to some more work, now!

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