António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Navigationin the part of my site I'm designing is going well.
It works exactlly how I pretend expect from the impossibility to find what I've been looking for -- a SSI for URLs.... :-)))

I'm not surpriesed I didn't found any -- the problem doesn't have an easy and simple solution...
To include a coplete HTML page whthin a page, it's necessary to take the page header and add it to the header of the page that's already there, respecting the necessary HTML header syntax, and then to include the BODY in the pretended place.
I think that it will work well within container tags (at least for static HTML) but can have some unexpected behaveours for dinamically generated HTML or CCS-HTML, absolute positioned layers, etc.) Anyway, I can't see a totally foolproof solution for all those, anyway.

But although this is something that I'm VERY much intrested in, it will have to wait until I have some time available for the necessary development. Right now I have a number of things to be done and works to finish, so I can't do it right now.

Another thing is that after I fininhs this navigation bar I must stop HTML (at least for now) as I have servers to be finished here!...

It's really complex when onlu one person has to attend to a lot of things and areas... But, if I'm a cat, I supose that I might try to use my cat skills to do it, shouldn't I?

Well, I'll go to have lunch in a short time....

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