António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Mrs Pati Vesta is in my lap, purrrrrring....
She is not a young cat; in fact, this August, she will be 11 years old. But since she was 1 1/2 months old and, beeing ill and had been abandoned by her mother because she was really sick, she found me at the building I was living then, we have been together.
I've had other cats since but in many ways she has remained special.
She is a normal european tabby female cat and a little shy, I think.
And sometimes I wonder how it will be when one day we are no longer together here.
By the laws of nature, she is much more advanced in her life than I am so it's normal that I will outlive her.
But I think that what REALLY counts is not only the physical time we are together but also what lives within ourselves.

I have no doubt that some my think I'm crazy because I'm certain that she understands what I say to her when I speak with her.... Any way I have proof more than enough (at least for me) so know that. And she is, really, some one very special and whom I really love.
In fact, it's trully a member of my familly.

You see, I don't think that familly or friends are or should be only limited to us, humans; It covers all those who we love and care for, even when they aren't near us or can't be near us any more...

I know, one day we won't be together here, any more, but within my heart, she will always be with me and I'll always remember her, like she always has been...
A lovelly cat lady, from whom I am a true and deep and inconditional friend and that will try to preserve always the memory I have from our life together.
Of course I hope she and I can be together much more years but I also know that her life goes faster than mine.

So, Pati, I want that you and every one realy knows how much I really love you and that, whatever happens, I'll always be with you, at your side, and will allways remain your truest and most dear friend!

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