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(no subject)
Mrs Pati Vesta is in my lap, purrrrrring....
She is not a young cat; in fact, this August, she will be 11 years old. But since she was 1 1/2 months old and, beeing ill and had been abandoned by her mother because she was really sick, she found me at the building I was living then, we have been together.
I've had other cats since but in many ways she has remained special.
She is a normal european tabby female cat and a little shy, I think.
And sometimes I wonder how it will be when one day we are no longer together here.
By the laws of nature, she is much more advanced in her life than I am so it's normal that I will outlive her.
But I think that what REALLY counts is not only the physical time we are together but also what lives within ourselves.

I have no doubt that some my think I'm crazy because I'm certain that she understands what I say to her when I speak with her.... Any way I have proof more than enough (at least for me) so know that. And she is, really, some one very special and whom I really love.
In fact, it's trully a member of my familly.

You see, I don't think that familly or friends are or should be only limited to us, humans; It covers all those who we love and care for, even when they aren't near us or can't be near us any more...

I know, one day we won't be together here, any more, but within my heart, she will always be with me and I'll always remember her, like she always has been...
A lovelly cat lady, from whom I am a true and deep and inconditional friend and that will try to preserve always the memory I have from our life together.
Of course I hope she and I can be together much more years but I also know that her life goes faster than mine.

So, Pati, I want that you and every one realy knows how much I really love you and that, whatever happens, I'll always be with you, at your side, and will allways remain your truest and most dear friend!

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you just made me cry

I'm sorry!
Certainelly that was not my intention! :-((

Parhaps I was a little melancholic then but after the "fight" this afternoon with a computer, I'm not any longer....

yes.... pets are wonderful. I had a cat for 14 years until I finally had to have him put down due to illness. He's been gone for about 4 years now.... but every christmas when I'm sitting on the floor wrapping presents... I'm totally WARY of every movement around me. The ol' killer cat used to taking running lunges into the wrapping paper and have a great time plopping his paws down in various spots while I was attempting to wrap the gifts. I think basically every gift I gave had more than a few strands of cat hair attached to them. Great memories..........

ola antonio. puxa, voce esta fazendo todo mundo (e eu tambem) chorar. mas e porque nos podemos entender os seus sentimentos. eu sinto isso tambem com minha "sue". ela esta com nos faz muitos anos, e eu sei que um dia ela nao vai estar aqui mais. :-( devo parar aqui ou eu vou chorar mesmo!
(desculpe meu portugues fraco. minha mae e do Brasil) mas nos moramos em Lisboa/ Cascais por 6 anos...quase que eu nasci la. :-)

bom ate logo. foi legal te conhecer!

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