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Witting parsers is fun!
Mainly when one can concentrate on the semantics of the elements being parsed and can forget the syntax of the language used to write the parser!

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Antonio I tried for months to write a parsing script and could not. Finally had to switch merchant prrocessors so such a script wouldn't be necessary.

You have to be SMART to write those things!!

*my head hurts just remembering it*

The easyness or dificultyness very much depends on the language you're using to write it.
That's the reason that if possible, I write them in FORTH.
Right now, the application I'm developing is being written in PHP but for the parsers I'm using FORTH; at least I don't have the language syntax in my way as mainly FORTH is a semantic language....

I'm writing a 3 tiered web application and each part comunicates through ??ML languages define for the purpouse;

I have the UIML (User Interface Markup Language) to comunicate between the Root_Server (the application) and the User Interface, and the QML (Query Marckup Language), RSML (Result Set Markup Language) and DBML (Data Base Markup Language) to comunicate between the Root_server and the Back_End processes.
And all are carried by the MML (Message Markup Language).... :-)))

Andm of course, it's always easy to design a parser for our own languages than just for other's as we can always define them the way we want and need them!

Prob<abily more about this will apear on my other LJ journal....

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