António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

What happened?

The post I've just posted was written yesterday, at about 7h30 PM, but for some yet unexplained and unclear reason, I couldn't post it.....
Even today, the LJ Windows client couldn't post it.

So I completelly closed it and started again and, go figures why, it did!

Another "funny" topic is that since 3h30 PM, yesterday, I and seems that all clients who have a permanent connection to the Internet through the ISP I have my servers connected through are without internet access!
For what I've been told, it's a router malfunction but it must be a severe one as almos 22 hours after, the internet access failure still continues!....

But one thing that it is "interesting" to note is that one of those who are affected is a big enterprise with almost 300 to 400 people DEPENDING on the Internet (mainly on email) to work and they are the ones that have been least "nagging" about the situation..... (I'm the person responsible for the server's administration and Internet access for the whole group)
The little ones all come over me as if I am the responsible one for the fact that the ISP have an important router down!

If this weren't sad, as it is the mirror of the actual daily situation (at least here, but I suspect that all over the world, as well), I would be trully amused by their reaction....

Anyway, this just proves that there are realy people and enterprises with which is not worth to work with, unfortunelly!

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