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Slowlly starting to show up....
Slowlly, though, the virtual servers here at the local server are starting to take shape.
The configuration has been developed in a long time and, so far, this is the most complete and versatil one I've been able to devise.
It takes some time to configure it, though (it's all done by hand, so far -- the next step will be to write some automation scripts), but I think it worths the work.

So, tomorrow, I'll be able to start producing actual code!
I can't wait for it!

The only "unpleasant" happening of the day is that my ISP had a router breakdown and I'll only have Internet access again at home and at the servers some time this night.

Well, I'm out of here (at work), so I can go home and have a good dinner!
I've acomplished the goals I had setup for me for today, so I believa I can't complain much.....

See you all tommorow!