António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

If I didn'k knew that aleay, I'd had learned an importante leson today!....
Nevertheless, it's still valid as a "remembering"...

I had to go out to buy some necessary things and, of course, my 2+ year's old son want's to go along.... He loves to go out as there he always see different and new things.
So, after the necessary preparations, way out we go and, at first, I stop in a coffee shop nearby to have a cup of coffee. After seeing in his look that he would like to have something also, I ordered a lemon tee for him.
And we both were drinking our ordered items as sundendlly I have the preception that I'm seeing myself in a mirror.... Whatever I do he tryies to do exectlly the same way.

So once again I've realises the responsability we parents (ans adults in general) have and how we should be aware of ALL our movements, actions, etc, especially when we are arround children has we are contantelly beeing watched, observed with extremelly attention and beeing imitated.
And the most important is that whatever they try to immitate while the are, specially this young, is going to form the most important part of thei unconcious and automatic behaveour throughout their lives!

It's fascinating but also really scarry, sometimes....

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