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Time flies!

Really, time flies!

Quite a number of things have been accomplished but there are still others to be finished.
Anyway, for a first time in quite a long time, I'm seeing a number of things going on and being finished.

One of the things I do miss most is not having so much time for LJ, but I do believe that won't last forever.

On another issue, my 3 year old son never stops amazing me! Be it because of what he says, be it because of the solutions he finds to ANY problem anyone pose to him or just by his angry cries when he doesn't get it his own way......
Last night, it was just one hour of screaming and crying but, after he calmed down, it was like nothing had happened!
Oh, how I wish it could be said the same for everyone else around!.....

Where does he get all that energy?
But, on the other side, it's truly amazing when he is just a adorable kid, always wanting to know more and learn more about anything!.....

I'm just eager that he can learn to read (in a few years, probabilly) so he can devote himself to something he already likes.... books!
Only now, he has to come and ask some one to read them to him!

But, with no doubt, one year and almost 3 months of constant reading to him, have already left their own good marks. That can surely be seen in his spoken language!
My only wish is that he can learn, with time, to control his own energy and temper so he can use it on his own advantaged and not be owned and controlled by them!

Well, like always, only time can say!

I have to go and prepare myself for another busy day of work, so I wish a good day for all!

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