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Quite a long time....
It has been quite a long time since the last post....
Well, that's what it seemed to me, anyway.

Work is going well although I would need more hours to get accomplished everything I want to have done!
Last Friday I managed to left the computer at work assembled and with Linux and Windows 98 installed.
Ok, there are still the programs to be installed but they are already functional. So, in a few hours, when I got there again, I'll be able to start working.

I'm aiming for the "3 bases" now. I can't be always at the same place, so I must be able to work where ever I am.
The laptop it's a mobile base but I do nee ground stations where I can "dock".

My main concern right now are the BIND vulnerabilities on the servers that run it to perform DNS.
BIND 8 is already known to be vulnerable so a new wave of attacks is already expected (in fact, it has already begun).
And I do need time to make all the necessary changes.

But I'm learning a lot in quite a short time, which is good.

One of my concerns is that I do not know yet how much time my new position is going to spend each day.
Since I am at the office, I've had always to go to clients. Not that I don't like it; only it get's me distracted from what should be just technical work that is waiting to be done.

I don't know if during the week I'll be able to post quite often or not (I hope I will, but I just don't know, right now....) but I do hope I'll reach next Friday within my planned schedule....
Well, time will tell, as always!

I wish you all a very good day as my working day is about to begin, right now, at 5h00 AM, here at my home office...

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I'm so glad you updated your journal Antonio! I had been wondering how you were doing, and where you were. Take care :)

Thanks for the concern!
How's everything there?

Everything is peachy! Work is busy, and I'm planning another trip to Mexico in May. Thanks for asking. It was nice to hear from you :)

Wow so much computer talk.....ahhhhhhhh Kari understands all that.

Glad to see you back - I knew you were missing - thought you were on a vacation!!!

Unfortunelly, no time for holidays right now..... I hope that I'l have time for that latter!

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