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Rainy Sunday....

Well, cleaning here is done and now I'm going to start assembling come computers that I need to get ready.

The weather out there is rainy and I think it will be like that the whole day.... well, we'll see.

I've been a little "away" from here as work is now consuming my time in a much more harder way.
I'm here quite less often and until I manage to make some alternative ways it will be like this, unfortunately.
But I always try to read my friends post as often as possible.

My laptop has got a new disc (20 GBytes) which will enable me (I think) to carry with me all the things I'm working at the moment, where ever I go. And if I do have a Internet connection I can also connect the camera that it is with it all the time.....

In these last 15 days I've learn a lot about how to strengthen the configuration of the servers and that is alone more reason to add to the need to re-install ALL of them from scratch. It will be a huge work but I have to do it.

The only two events I do regret from these last days are the fact that we don't have Gab Gab cam and now Mel.TV, also.
But although I surely will miss them, both Gabrielle and Melanie know what is best for their lives and I do wish, from my heart, the best luck to them!
And if you ever need a friend, here in Portugal, I'll be glad to here from you!

Well, back to work!

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