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CD-R formats

Once one gets to know how to record CDs in other formats than just the standard one (almost all are ISO-9660, with some extensions variants, or more recently UDF) we get the full potencial of it.

I've been recording ext2 format CDs (the format of the usual file system on Linux) and it is really good for backup.
Of course I can't read those CDs in any other system but one that has the ext2 file system but that is not a limitation as the files are recorded in that way to preserve ALL attribute and ownership information.

And one cas also make the same with other formats, as well.
I can record ANY file system or file format onto a CD. I can even treat the spiral track as a whole stream and record there a tar or a cpio file!

The only limitation I find in this is that a normal CD-R can only hold 640 MBytes (for the 74 minute CD-Rs) or 700 MBytes (for the 80 minute CDs) which is small for nowdays file sizes.....

But it's really the cheapest archive format I know. And not to much slow if compared to a tape.....

I've been doing some backups here, at work, and I've introduced the ext2fs CD format here and I do think that it is quite much more pratical for backup of files on Linux servers than in any other CD format....

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