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(no subject)
About my picture....
There are 2 explanations....
One: I don't have any one in which I can be positivelly identified and in conditions to ge reduced to 100 pixels (al least yet...)
Or, I'm really a cat and I dind't want to show here my real image!....

But as Fiona insisted, I give up and give to you all my real picture (you are very much fortunate as VERY FEW have ever seen my true and real picture.....) :-))))))

Note to self: Really, this question of the photo and the one now uploaded, does have some prespectives.... I must explore this some time later!

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I can now totally understand why you didn't post your picture earlier Antonio! Someone as adorable as you would probably rather be liked or loved for his mind and his heart, not for his shiny fur, perfectly trimmed whiskers, or deep, soulful eyes. :)

Thank you for the comliment!

Now where did I left the towel?....

Oh, well, I'll have to find it and clean my furr up again! :-))

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