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I'm alive but I've lost most of my cat lives!......

Yesterday I was caught totally by surprise buy one of the worst nightmares one who works with computers can have.... to see a file be deleted, from a server, and KNOW that YOU DON'T HAVE ALREADY ANY COPY OF IT!
And also know you can't go along without the file.....

This was a huge log file (about 720Mbytes) that wasn't yet processed and was about to be.
As it was so big, I had gziped to save some space and make it more manuseable and had ungziped it so it could be processed.
Bacause of it's size I started the gzip to run into the background but, for some reason it didn't finished (probabily it generated a question or something....), so a little after I started another gzip to decompress the file (on foreground, this time) and it did decompress the file.
I forgot the suspended one and was about to go out, in the end of the day, when I was closing my computer and one of the terminal session open on the server I was working on warned me I had some suspended jobs and asked if I wanted to go out anyway, to which I said yes.

And then, it closed the job and erased the file (the sole and only one copy of it -- it had been already deleated from the original location to reclaim its space as free)!!!

Fortunelly, the server runs Linux and Linux is working with the ext2 file system which have already undelete functions....
I had never worked with them but throughout the night (until midnight -- when I got out from here -- and this morning) I managed to recover a copy of the file.

Only spent most of my cat lives so now I must go and get some more, just in case anything else just happens!.....

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