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Good day!
Work went pretty good today.
I'm still "digging" information about the configuration of the servers and is a good challenge to try to understand the reasons why things are done this or that particular way. One ends up always learning a bit more and that's very good!

Well, it's latter than what should be as there were some situations that had to dealt with before I left but I think I manage to fix them!

Now I'm doing home as tomorrow will be also a very full day!
See you all tomorrow!

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Hi Sweetie,

I just created a new Live Journal Community and wanted to let you know because well, I like you and have you on my friends list. If you or anyone you know have ever suffered over a breakup, or have wisdom to share regarding healing over it, come on by and join us : ) You can bitch and vent, tell a funny story, or hold a hand and be a shoulder to lean on. We're just getting started, but I think I have a lot to offer in terms of experience and compassion, and it should be pretty wonderful. So far we don't have anything like it, community wise, on live journal.

Broken Hearts On the Mend, Sewing Circle's Community Journal</a)

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