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How things work....
It's quite funny to see how normaly events happen, not only to our selves, but also and specially in a whole.

One thing I DO know is that normally the events that come into "our hands" have normally something to do with what we have to experience and/or learn at that moment. Not always it is clear right away but the effort to try to understand it and it's reasons normally pays-off.
At least, that's what my own experience tells me.

So it's quite interesting to see myself doing what I'm doing right now; doing something I do like and, most of all, learning at a high pace because I'm auditing part of a large network...

And of course I do know that will have an impact in the way I configure networks and servers.
I can trully say that here, more than just money, I'm gaining experience, lots of experience and new insights to ho to do things that I've been doing for quite a long time!
That's the best part of it!

I can remember that for almost what I do know it was learned by studying and seeing what others had done, trying to understand why they did the way they did it and trying to learn to do better everytime I see something failing or not being up to the expectations.
And all repeats again, happily!

Well, I do have much more to tell but I don't have the time right now, unfortunelly. It will have to wait.

But, anyway, I also wish to wish a good day for you all!

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Congratulations Antonio

You deserve the very best. I'm so happy to hear you are so happy!

Hugs to you.

Re: Congratulations Antonio

I'm realy enjoying this work as in a few days I've already learned a lot!

I hope all is going well with you, also

By the way, I didn't forget what we talked by email in the end of the year and what I said still stands. I just need to have the changes on the servers complete before.
Then, if you're still interested, we can go ahead.

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