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All suddenly...
It's when we least expect that things do happened.....
I received a phone call yesterday asking me if I was available for a full time job as a Technical Director; and it all went from there and right now I know already I start there tomorrow!

Well, let's see as it all goes; I, for my self, am quite interested in this job (by several reasons) although it does leave a number of unanswered questions.... But I also do know that it doesn't worth to worry right now; somehow everything will arrange -- normally it always does.

So, whatever the future brings, I'll have to wait to see what it is and, in the meanwhile, do my best -- as I always do -- to have all done the best way possible!

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Congratulations, Antonio!!

That's wonderful news Antonio... congratulations & the best of luck :)

Good Job buddy! Thats really cool!

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