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(no subject)
Solved the problem with the rollover which was not working like I wanted.
Of course, my mistake!
Indexes start at 0, not at 1!

Note to self: Remember allways THAT!

Well, going to have lunch...

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What are you creating?

You sound like a design wiz Antonio.

What kinds of things are you doing with your site?

Re: What are you creating?

Well, I came from programming and i-m now applying what I know of programming, and trying to develop some more skils in design and image processing in order to apply them to WEB design (it will be mostelly with programming features in the rear, but the design IS importans as it is what is seen from the user side....)

Re: What are you creating?

Sorry, I didn't reply to all your question...
The "page" i am designing right know has 2 purpouses:
1- It's a praticall application of some ideas I have and would like to see if they work well in a real case.
2- It's going to be the "portal" page for the Live Journal pages (mine and yours....)

You can check what is already done in:


(Don't bee to hursh on me pleaaaaaase..... It's yet a long way from beeing complete and the text images MUST be improved!)

Re: What are you creating?

ooo how nice Antonio!

Have you embedded the journal into your site or are you going to keep it linked at livejournal.com?

I love it!

Re: What are you creating?

At first, it will be within a frame.
I'm investigating if I can pre-load the site with JavaScript (in the way that is possible to do with images -- I don't know yet if it is possible; JavaScript is an object based language and the whole site is an object but I don't know if it works, yet).
But what I want, really, will be that the Live Journal pages would apear as a TABLE cell (parhaps with SSIs, don't know yet, also) within the right frame.
And for the update, as the LiveJournal makes the source of the update client available, I'm thinking in trying to embebed it within the site it self.
All this are mostlly experiences as although it gives me some pratical way to follow "our little community" is a easy way, all the technology applied has other pratical applications in other sites, as wel..

Well, I'm going out with my wife and son so I'll be here only latter.

See you all then!

Re: What are you creating?

hmmm ... Bill has one and Gab has one ... I don't think Mel TV needs one ... ?

Re: What are you creating?

oh shoot sorry Antonio I did it again!

the above thought was meant as a response to Fiona

Heavens above Antonio, even Wee Jimmy knows that indexes start at 0.........Jeez.....

I don't even know what an index is!

(am programically-challenged)

Don't show your ignorance Mel, everbody knows it's a....thingy thing...

Bill, it depends on the programming language!....
And someone knows about 5-6 different high level languages, more a number of different assembly languages for diferent microprocessors, and is still learning the one he is using (in this case, JavaScript), it might not be SO obvious.... :-)))

Anyway, these type of things are the last to be forgoten when learned this way....

Hey, Antonio, Jimmy was kidding. He knows at a proffesionsal level - Cobalt, VB6, Fortran 7, Java script, Java, HTML, DTML, SAP, and C++. As for Macine code he knows - Aim 65, Z81, Intel, and Mac. Clever wee ferret isn't he? Oh and he is very familiar with Asp, ODBC, SQL, ocx, and DAO as well.

oooo ya, the thingy thing. Got it!

:( :(
I don't have a thingy-thing.

Re: aak and a half

Which thingy thing!?

You know... it's like a doo-hicky... a whatchamacallit... a thingamajig :)

Re: aak and a half + 3/4....

A doo-hicky... a whatchamacallit... a thingamajig ????

Really, I rather prefer to skeak meowish! At least, I can understan what I'l talking about or being talked to! :-))))

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