António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

The day went write differently than expected...

Anyway, I've been making dome progresses here and a CD being recorded just ended with error when witting the TOC (Table Of Contents)....
So I thought that it would be useless but to may amazed self it still can be read as the Nero CD Burner has recorded it in UDF and was only about to write the ISO9660 TOC for compatibility with CD-ROM readers that only read ISO9660!
So, although I'm going to record it again, some time soon, I already have it recorded as UDF which can be read by my CD-R recorder (a HP CD-Writer Plus with Multi Read capabilities......)
The CD-ROM reader just doesn't read it at all as, although it is not too old (less then one year) it is not Multi read.....

Going to eat something, I'll be here in a while....

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