António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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Well, the usual daily routines are done, so now I can start with the planned work for today....
I really must workout a better workflow system so I can attend to less mail each day; I cant let it pile up. Most of it is just information that has to be stored in the right folders so I can't keep doing this manually for very much longer. I do know what is necessary to be done; i just hope I'll be able to complete it within this month.

In another department, I and my partner did manage to cover the situation that were arised from some totally unexpected events combined with the actions of another person (might not be all its fault -- I don't know it yet for sure -- but it can't deny responsibility after having concentrated all the decision power in it's hands.....), so I can take it a little more easy now. At least I still have space for maneuvering and to try to take the ship to safe harbor....

Anyway, that's a long story and unfortunately I do really have to go!

Good day for all and see you all latter!

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