António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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Back from Portalegre (about 240 km from Lisbon) and a lot was left configured in the server.
But I can't get in through Telnet or any other way, still.....

I've just runned a port scan on it, from here, and input ports are almost all blocked, Probabily at the router.
What pisses me off is that is was specifically requested to the ISP not to do so and to maintain the communication totally unblocked both ways, as the firewall will be run on the Internet server!
Damn them!
What I was doing there was supposed to have been done from here, if they were just made their part right!

Well, I have to rush....
I've just arrived and I already have some situations waiting for me!

I just hope that tomorrow I can slow down a little.....

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