António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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Two CD-ROM readers are dead..... (at least, almost!)

Well, they have already served a long and hard service term, though.
So I agree that it's already time for them to retire....

They will be left for spare parts or even study....

About CD-ROM readers, one thing I'm going to offer to my son is one that has both the eject button and the play buttons.
That way he can have it's own CD-PLAYER without having any difficult into putting the CD in. With 34 months, he is not yet capable of putting and taking the CDs from those that fast the CD in the center..... And the laser lens MUST be out of reach!.....
So, as soon as possible, I just have to get a 12 V power supply, a small amplifier, and then he can have it's OWN 1st CD player!

I think he is going to love it but I'll say it latter, after the real test.....

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