António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

BagPipe Classics

I've bought (offered to my self, may I say so....) a CD from the Musical Reflections series, which, so far, I've loved very very much....

It's mainly of BagPipes, with accompaniment by piano and fiddle and have titles as:

1. Braes of Lochiel (Air, Scottish)
  Sing in a Blanket (Jig, Scottish
  Humours of Whisky (Jig, Scottish)
  The Kesh Jig (Jig, Irish)

2. Sea Link to Ireland (Air, K. E. Bush)
  Planxty Fanny Powers (March, O'Carolan)
  The Irish Washerwoman (Hornpipe, Irish)
  Paddy O'Rafferty (Jig, Irish)

3. Jimmy Findlater (March, Scottish)
  Rose Among the Heather (Strathspey, Scottish)
  The Keel Row (Strathspey, Scottish)
  The High Road to Liton (Reel, Scottish)
  The Devil Among the Tailors (Reel, Scotish)

4. Lament for Ian Ruaidh (Air, Scottish)

5. Scotland the Brave (March, Scottish)
  The Bonnie Woods of Strikoke (March, Scotish)
  The Old Rustic Bridge (March, Scottish)
  Rowantree (March, Scottish)
  Scotland the Brave (March, Scottish)

6. Amazing Grace (Hymn, J. Newton)

7. Highland Laddie (Air, Scottish)
  Highland Laddie (March, Scottish)
  The Balckthorn Stick (Jig, Scottish)
  The Sea Maiden (Air, Scottish)
  Struan Robertson (Strathspey, Scottish)
  Sleepie Maggie (Reel, Scottish)

8. The Dark Island (Air, Scottish)
  The Mallow Men (Hornpipe, Irish)
  Joe McGann's Fiddle (Hornpipe, Irish)

9. Let's Have a Ceilidh (Polka, Scottish)
  Mairi's Wedding (Polka, Scottish)
  The Atholl Highlanders (March, Scottish)
  Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay (Reel, Scottish)</>

10. The Wearing of the Green (March, Irish)
  The Star of County Down (Folk Song, Irish)
  The Ash Grove (Folk Song, Welsh)
  The Wild Rover (Folk Song, Scottish)

11. She Moved Through the Fair (Air, Irish)
  The Winter Waltz (Waltz, R. A. Crabtree)

So, now, I have already music to listen to into the New Year! :-))

Good Year for all!

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