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(no subject)
Again, here continuing the work.

I think that as long I don't break, the greater the pressure, the better I can garantee that I can do something.
But one problem is exactlly that; as only I can garantee that I can do something and not what is exectlly necessary at the moment, I'm aware that i don't always do as good as I should or would like to.
But, so far, that kept me going and I intend to use it's driving force to take the Land Rover all way up the hill!

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I guess something is better than nothing, but do take breaks Antonio. At least a break long enough to get a coffee and a piece of cake! :)

What time zone are you in there (or what's the time difference compared to EST)?

I always take the necessary brakes for a coffee and cake!
(But I take care to park the Land Rover before I do as eating and driving is something not easy to do!.... :-))) )

Our time here is the same as Greenwhich's, I think....

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