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(no subject)
I've been so busy lately, that I couldn't perform my usual "mail trimming tasks"....
So today I came here (by lunch hour) to see if I had to much mail and, really, there was more than expected.
"Lots of mail error messages", I just though.
I supposed that those where from MT's server (something that has already happened) and was quite surprised to see that they were from EV's server..... (the server on their office).

What the heck!? I just asked for may self....
So I did a telnet to there and was just amazed to see that someone's email folder was only 84 MBytes long! (The partition where the mail folders are has, on that server, 100 MBytes for all users.
And that because the person had de-activated the automatic erasure of the mail, once retrived by the email client program and didn't bothered to erase it manually!

I do think I know why things like these happened; knowing the persons involved, I do think I know why.
What does hurt me is that the ones that do this don't even become aware of the trouble and additional work they leave for others to clean, just because they don't want to know!.....

Without any offense intended to anyone, I must here repeat what I've heard others say before in situations like this.... Stupid ignorant Users!

And quite helpless, I unfortunately must add....