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Old days, new days.....

Nothing ends without giving place to something new.
Sometimes is not easy to se it right away, others it is.

I'm really tired with all that has been going on, especially in December, but I'm glad and happy! I still have a lot to be done ahead but I can see some good perspectives.
And it seems that finally we can build something solid without spending most of the time repeating again and again the same things for those who don't learn or aren't capable to do it.....

I could confirm this by the phone, just again, today.

Well, this night I'll be in an important meeting and I hope that will define the guidelines to start a new work by the beginning of January.

As to the network infrastructure, I also have reasons to be happy..... I have almost all to done or re-done, but I think that I can have 2 strong foundations and one that is not so strong but that, nevertheless, will be strong enough to support it's part, at least for now.

Well, I have to go, for now. I'll be here, back, and I'll post more news as soon I know them!

A good day for all!

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