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2 on my lap!
Now. even Bijou Noire is on my lap, side by side with Blackie!
What can one else desires?!...

At least, my lap is warm!

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How cute, Antonio!

Does Tine also likes to be on you r lap or does she prefer to be just on her own feet?
Here, Bijou Noire (as she can't just jump to my lap) just puts her paws on my legs, trying to jump up, and with her tail at "high speed" until I grag her and put her in my lap. Then she will calm down, eventually!....

All I can say is...You're lucky!

I can never get my cats to sit on my lap. They prefer the bed.

Re: All I can say is...You're lucky!

With these 2 cats and with the dog, I'm always followed where ever I go here!
As I can't be here all day all the days whenever they "catch" me, hey try to compensate!.... :-))

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