António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

I whish there would be a simpler way to solve the problems and questions that at every moment keep apearing....
But, then, I guess, we couldn't develop our capacities and skils as "problem solvers", wouldn't it? I think that's one of the reasons we are all here.

Nevertheless, I ended up with 2 birthday cakes!
The first one was sent by Fiona (it was really delicious) and the other was bought when I got out at the end of the day, yesterday.
I't funny as it was not planned nor I was thinking about the cake but it was surelly love at first sight!... I saw it and knew that was the one!
Trully, I can't say I regret it as it was delicious.

I still don't know yet with very much detail how everything is going to go in the near future; I believe that somehow I'll be able to manage and make everything turn out well but today I'm not so chearfull as I was yesterday... I think this will pass as usually does.
Parhaps it's the weather or just the fact that not everything turned out as I expected to which forced me to go arroung the rock in the way...
It's in these situations that I wished I were just a little cat and didn't have to worry about anything.... All would have been provided for by my cat mother; But then I realise that now it's my turn. Now I'm the cat and have my own kittens So to the hunt I must go and bring them all they nead and a lettle treat, too. They do deserve!
And, to be honest, I must say that recognize our own weaknesses and fears is the best way to overcome them, to be more capable and, in the end, to succeed!
Let's go for it!

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