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Windows 98, oh yeah!

I've just discovered (in he best way -- while being f**ked by it acting as a file server!) that it has a limit in the number of connections and/or files it can serve.

As result of that the Access Database of the programs I've being teaching were corrupted all the time and we were always going to the start line over and over again!

Now, I don't have even permission to set up a shortcut on the computers desktop so I do depend inteirelly on others to fix and solve the question. Those that only today started fixing the problems 4 of the computers had accessing the network there (problem which I had reported more than 10 days ago...... And re-reported today, again....)

I do understand all the "political questions" involved but only today I has positively sure that was the Windows 98 that was acting as file server that was denying access to some files, randomly, which in its turn was causing the Access Databases corruption.

I was told that tomorrow I'll have a Windows NT 4 server on my computer. I just hope so as without that I'll be really in a tight spot! (in terms of time -- more than 20 hours from the 70 hours of the time I had to do it all, have been spent already always repeating the same thing, for nothing!....)

Tomorrow I'll tell how it all went....

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