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I've just had a "interesting conversation" with a ICQ user, from Brazil (UIN 48460058), that, to start with the conversation, just sent a message insulting me..... WTF! (I asked myself....)

When I answered him in Portuguese, saying that I didn't see why should he start insulting me if we never met or talked before (at leas, he was not in my ICQ list....) he seemed surprised that I did spoke Portuguese and understand what he wrote....

Well, I do believe that was a conversation that was truly destinated to be transcribed here but, unfortunately, I deleted him and banned him to send me more messages, so history is now history!.....

But that makes me think.... There are people who are really stupid, aren't there?
I was respectful, besides the language he used and didn't retaliate. But the impression he left in me couldn't be worse.....

He wanted some help (Yes! Nice way he has to start a conversation when he wants any help!..... I guess he will go far!).... He wrote to me that he was a DJ and wanted to know where he could find here, in Lisbon, vinil disks with African music.....
I told him that I was sure there would be stores with them in second hand (like he wanted) but that I didn't knew any and didn't had the time to go looking for it in the phone book (specially after the way he was writing to me....).
And that sort of pissed him off as in response he insulted me again and what I did was to ban him.

But I did regret to have acted so quickly....
I soul have transcribed the whole conversation here first and banned him latter....

People like these do deserve to have their conversation preserved and shown just to show how stupid and gross some one can really be!
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