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I don't know the reason but the Mandrake installation got stucked in a package.
So it's already installing again but this time I didn't selected the one were it got stuck.

Might b a defect on the CD, I don' know for sure....

Well, going into Linux mode to work on configurations I need to be ready in the morning!

But, first, I'm going to serve myself a good glass of black coffee!

See you all in a while.....

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Try to nap for a while if you can, Antonio. We don't want you getting sick! HUGS.

Thanks for the concern!

Thanks for the concern, anyway!

But I'm not sleepy right now.
The glass of coffee is not to stay awake (coffee NEVER worked with me to mantain myself awake... :-((( ) but because I like it.

And I'm trying to left a number of things done as in the mornig I'll be occupied with teaching from 9.00 to 16.00, so I won't have possibility to do this then!

Happily tomorw will be the last day when I'll be teaching both in the morning and in the afternoon as being occupied with that all day makes everything else to be delayed!

And when you get home, I hope you'll find there with an email from me with the details of the account promissed.
I'm setting it up and as soon as I finish it, I'll send the email to you, ok?

Re: Thanks for the concern!

Sorry not have sent the email....
I realy had to go sleep for a while and I couldn't finish it....
I'll finish it this afternoon!

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