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Mandrake installation...

The Mandrake installation is going on.

It does take it's time, though..... I've selected a full install, for development, and thus this computer will remain the development computer that I can carry anywhere I go.
I'll upgrade the Windows installation on the 540 MB auxiliary disk to Windows 98 and use DriveSpace 3 to increase it to about 1 GB. That should be enough for usual use of Windows 98 with common tools...

So, whenever I use Linux or Windows it will be a question of choosing which disk will be installed on the computer.

This is not a perfect solution but can be used for the moment and allows me to use the hardware I do have right now.

Most of the software development I do have to do will have to be done under Linux (with GForth for Linux and using the Apach Webserver directlly, so I can test CGIs and other stuff) so the only "drawback" is that I won't have PFE as the editor.... But I can survive to that anyway.

Another think that was anticipated is that there is a 98 MBytes partition to be used as the target disk for the development of the Mex4thOS.
Under Linux I can access the raw disk (without any file system) and that's the way it is going to be used.
Mex4thOS might develop it's own disk format but in a great extent, the disk is just 2 different types of area; one for text storage (source, probabilly) and another for binary data, controlled in blocks.

Well, installation is about in it's half so until midnight I should have the computer installed and configured (at leas on the most important parameters).....

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