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When one door closes, others often open.....

Last Wednesday I could just confirm this once again.

For this whole month of December I'll be much occupied with teaching (and learning, for that matter!) and then with Christmas and New Year.
Not to speak all the changes I must implement here that have been being postponed as there is always something more important to go in front of them....

But for January and after then, it is still an open page. But since last Wednesday, it might not be any more.
I met someone and we are just perfectly complementary.
We both can not do all alone but together, seems to me, we can go quite far. And, for my part, I'm willing to give it a try! I don't have anything to loose, only to win.

Parhaps, I'll keep on teaching (I don't know yet) but what I would really like it would be to be able to go on working with Internet.
I do have some technologic items that have already been used with success and, although right now I still spend more energy than the one I can recover, I can do see that the "break even point" is not all that far at all. And by joinning forces, I can even bring it more closer than what it is right now.

At E.V., I believe things will go quite the same way. They have been pretty lucky so far but is quite well know that it, by it self, doesn't guarantee the future.
I, on my part, do prefer to step on a much more solid ground; things do take such a great deal and amount of work and energy to be but that I do prefer to do them right. My concern is not to be the first, anymore, but to be one of the last ones to be gone....

Well, parhaps, I'm too much a cat myself.... But cats do tend to be resistant and I do intend to follow their example!

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