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Busy day....
I've just overslept.... Thanks to the fact that today is a holiday here.... (it the celebration of the day, in 1640, when we were again independent from Spain...)

I've so many things to do today! So I'm in a hurry and this is just a very short entry.
I'll post more as soon as possible.

I just hope that everyone have a truly good day!

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Happy Independence Day, Antonio!

In 1580, the only successor to the throne of Portugal was the king of Spain, Filipe II.
He promissed he would respect the authonomy of the Portuguese Administration, so he was acclaimed king of Spain and Portugal.
His son and his grandson (Filipe III and Filipe VI of Spain) didn't kept the promisse Filipe II had made, so by the 17th century the fealing againt the spanish rule was bigger and bigger.
In the 1st day of December of 1640, a group of nobles overthrown the spanish governor and proclaimed D. Joo IV (if I'm not mistaken) king of Portugal and Portugal was independent again after 60 years under spanish government.

Through almost all the time both kings of Portugal and Spain had almost the same general idea that the Iberic Peninsula should be unified.... The only thing they could never agree upon was from which country would be the king!....

So, this is an holiday, here.

I just hope that your day goes well, too!

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