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(no subject)
Why when some persons have something to say against or in discordance quite often do it anonymously?

Is it the lack of conviction in what they are saying so great?
Are they afraid of any retaliation?
Any other reasons?

Quite probably each case will have it's own reason, though.

I can ban anonymous posts from my LJ. I know I have that option. And it's by my own decision that I didn't do that so far.
I don't know if I will or not; depends on many factors.
So far it is and remains as it is but people who like to post anonymously should remember that If I am to value something and consider one opinion abut any subject, I do have to know to whom it belongs....
I do not judge people by their appearance or just by what they say; for me counts a little more what they do.

I do maintain the possibility for anonymous users to post into my LJ because not everyone has an LJ account or even will want to setup one. And, even when it has, it might not be logged in.
But the type of posts that just make "down comments" anonymously, for me, at least on my part, just static and noise.
And one can't give to much credit and attention to static or noise, can they?

But all this makes me wonder....
How is the inside of those people who can't even step out and say what they have to say.... No one has to have the same ideas and opinions upon any subject; we are all different and this diversity is what makes us, humans, rich in our individuality and valuable as a promise for the future.
I know that many, unfortunately, are just smashed before they can be themselves, by family, "friends", society in it's whole (and worst whole)...
But, even being terribly hard to do so, latter, when we grow and become adults, we do have the possibility to try to make it better, anyway. One might not succeeded but if he or she tries, it will mean something.
Mainly, because it's always easier to go in the pack, anonymously, or in the current, with all the other millions of molecules of water...
To be ourselves it's risky, somehow. What makes each one of us unique might start to shine and one can be spotted and aimed at.


I'm quite aware that by having decided to make part of my life exposed, here, or anywhere else, I'm taking a risk of being a "target" for anyone that parhaps doesn't a life and only gets its kicks by kicking others...
But the reasons for doing this don't have anything to do with such persons, anyway.

And I do hope that I might be able to go on, doing what i have to do, every day, without having to worry very much with the rumor and turmoil of the static that always exists in any communication channel....

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There's a different levels of anon. posting and I think you addressed them all. Many people are afraid and others are just mean.

What does saying something in a cruel fashion do for anybody?? Nothing. But if that person would look at what they were doing, they might see that mirror in front of their face. Because what angers them about others usually points to a fault in themselves.

You know the way my journal is, I don't even publicly post and won't for a while... I respect your decision....maybe deleting individual posts at your discretion.....there's a thought!

Re: Anonymous posts....

I did that once with the one that was trying to get to Mel.
It would be necessary a very good reason to delete other one's posts, even not agreing with it.
I do think that it is very much more important to be honest and coherent with my own conscience than just worry a lot about posts of someone that doesn't even sign an alias as name.....

My last post disappeared. But what it said was that the anon posters who are mean are just cowards. Some are nice, but ones like the person who posted in your last entry are just sick idiots. Don't let them get to you, Antonio.

And there are always ways to find out who these bozos are.


Re: They are a weenie

It didn't disapeared....
It just didn't apeared here, that's all!

I've received it by email, though....

See you latter! I'm going up to put my son to sleep (and I'm appointed for 30 to 45 minutes of book reading, too! I can't escape that!)...

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