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I'm stuck.....
I'm really stuck with this computer!
I did had a secret hope that by trying to install Windows NT 2000 I would miss whatever is making the Windows NT to blow but I didn't had such luck....

It blows the same way and even before ending the installation!

I still don't know what I'll do, I have to figure a way out for this......

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Stop surfing and writing and u'll find plenty of time to finish u'r job !

That's something I do not do, both ways!

In the waves because it doesn't attract me and besides I can't even swim....

In the Internet, well, Internet for me has been and prbabily will be for work and study! I never had available time to just "surf"....
And if I do happend to have time available, you can bet that I'm going to use it mor quickly in the R&D projects I've been developing than just "surfing the Internet"!

See you latter!

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