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(no subject)
It has just started!
I have now the task to change all my servers IP addresses (I have 2 IP address ranges and will have just a new one, bigger), reconfigure the network here, separate some servers that are in the same physical machine to be in diferent machines, alter the 3 DNS servers (one primary and 2 secondary) and all any other changes that come allong (including passing all internet traffic through a new machine that is going to be firewall, traffic accounter, etc) and all this whithout stopping anything....
Well, if I stop it must be so short that no one else outside will notice!

So, really, this is the big show for me, folks!

I'll keep you informed, though...

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Hi Antonio,
I won't pretend that I have any clue about what you're talking about (other than the firewall) so I'll just say "YAY ANTONIO!" (I'm not a techno-geek... just a regular geek! LOL!)


If you let-me, I can explain.
But I'll do it some time latter as now I'm going out with my wife and son.
I'll be back latter, though....

I hope you're going out with them to celebrate your birthday! Have fun! :)

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