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That's what it's needed some times!

How I wish there would be Ghostbusters for a certain kind of ghosts that appear inside computers, sometimes!......

In a short while, I'm going to fight against one again....
In a computer, is it has Windows 98 or Linux, it is stable. But with Windows NT 4 it just blows randomly! And guess which OS he is suppose to have?...... NT 4!

If I just knew the number of the Computer Ghostbusters, I'd certainly give them a call!....

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I am a computer ghostbuster you can call me!!!! Nice cat check out my cat, Sabrina.

Where can I check her? I was at your site bu didn't found her..... (but I didn't had time to follow all the links, though!....)

About the computer, this night I'm going to try a clean NT 4 install changing the Matrox video board it has for a simpler one and changing the network card too.
The error it gieves when it blows is an unhandeled interrupt in kernel mode. So either the motherboard is generating an interrupt for which doesn't exist an interrupt handler, or the video and/or network card it is.
If it still blows, I'll try Windows NT 2000 and if it also blows, then, damnit, I'm out of options!

About the cat, it is not any of mine although I have one that is somewhat similiar (altought its fur isn't as long as that one).

If you would like to meet me, you can follow the link to my own very simple site......

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