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Very tired but very happy!
I've just arrived.
We passed all night working but we had good results.
The best part of all is that I finally manage how to put the BML parser (yes, the one that Brad made available on his site and is a small down version of the one that power our LJ) working on the new server.

I still have a LONG way to learn how to master it but I'll start using it from now.
It is quite powerfully for situations where one has lots of common parts and needs to have all them centralized and in a way easy to understand and manipulate.
I've been already studying how can I integrate it with my own 4th-HTML, but haven't arrived to any conclusions yet.

Also, the integration between the Linux server and the Windows NT 2000 computers there went very well and the Linux is just one more computer with the Microsoft SMB network... :-)))

Now they have there a WWW server to work with and as soon as the router for access to the Internet is installed, I'll be able to access the Linux server from here without needing to go physically there, so the deployment of new features there will be easier....

Now I'm going to have lunch, I'll be back latter.

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Did you stop speaking computers sometimes ?

Sometimes but not to who posts anonymouslly..... :-)))))

A think I should specify a lettle more, anyway....
I don't have nothing against any one making anonymous posts. That's the reason why I didn't block them in my LJ.
But whenever I do say something not in favor to someone, because what I feel and think is not in favour, I DO NOT make it anonymouslly.... I sign my name under it......

I do know most posts are thecnical ones or have to do with computers; that's what I do most of the time, so I think that it naturelly reflects over here.
But they are not nor will ever be ONLY related with computers or other technical issues; for that I do have another LJ, specifically for that.

I hope that this explanation did explain why and how without having to say (and I do want to mark this as a "would say" not "said" expresion.....) that's my LJ and I post what I do, think and feel and think its appropriated to be posted.... If you don't like it, you can always not to read or go read someone else's.....

But let's keep these last sentences in the "would say but I won't", ok?

Ant�nio Jos�.

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