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Angeles from Enya....

Angeles from Enya, that's what I'm hearing right now.
More exactly, I'm listening to the "Shepherd Moons" CD.

Its quite odd as the music one hear is either influenced by his/hers state of mind, at the moment, and how powerfully it normally is to influence also some ones state of mind....
Now I'm quite relaxed on the outside, while with all my inner windows open through large planes of endless blue, just like the music I'm listening to....

This night I was reading "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" to my almost 33 month old son, just before he went to bed, and I was noticing the attention he was putting into the reading.....
I've been reading this book (plus the other ones I've been reading all nights almost a year now) a little each day, as it is really too long to read in just in once, and I wonder how can anyone just be so insensitive not to feel or, at least, catch anything from what it is written there....
I do thing he is liking that, not only this book or any other, but the fact of he is really learning something, hearing to things that otherwise would take quite a longer time for him to hear for the first time.....

I just hope that he can learn to read as soon as he wants to and he is able to so that he can realize the immensely vast planes that do exist beyond each page of any book!

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