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Message to KEO

By Melanie's (from MelTv) request, here it is the message translated from Portuguese to English....


This is a message to say to the whole Universe that I firmly believe that reason and good will into making Humanity to go forward will prevail over all the dark forces of ignorance and all others that came with it...

Maybe my contributions might be small but I'm totally sure that, whit in my heart, somehow, they will not be in vain. Because it's grain by grain that one can have a whole bag of yeast....

I don't know where by this message will travel nor even if it will be read again anytime in the future. But that's not the important issue. Just like a message in a piece of paper, inside a bottle wondering on the ocean that is this Universe of ours, known ant to be yet known, the message worths by two reasons;
The first one is as a simple contribution from my part and as an expressed wish of my commitment in that Humanity can really go forward and evolve and, the second, to be able to leave some words in the language I do speak at the moment as my mother tongue, since I was born in Portugal, Europe, in this planet Earth, in a ancient nation (if I may consider about 800 years of history as old....) that already as given a lot to this planet by contributing for the discovery of new people and worlds!

Might all Gods bless all voyages of discovery and exploration for that from there may always come "New Worlds to the World"!

Ant�nio Jos� Gomes

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