António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

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I've sent toady a letter and I do hope that they give me a call tomorrow....
If they are so "desperate" because can't find some one for that place yet, there is really no reason why they shouldn't give me a call immediately in the moment they receive the letter....

But, somehow, there is something I don't like entirely although I don't know exactly how to define it....
But I'll let time go its course and I'll evaluate only then.

And if they have really something against some one using a longer hair that it is usual (like I do), will have to tell me directlly and I'll consider then to cut it a little. I'm not going to take a move on my own because of someone's prejudices.......

But, in the overall, it might be the best situation for the moment. I do need that position or another one like it but still need time to carry on with the research and development work here.

Let's see how everything turns out tomorrow....

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