António José (ajose) wrote,
António José

Well, today it's my 35th aniversary.
In a "all round figure number year"....
I remeber very well of the goals I established to myself meny years ago for this year and although I can't say I've been able to fulfill everyone, I think I can't regret, also.
There is much yet to be done; probabilly, there always will.
But I've fulfill one of my goals, altough in a way totally diferent from the one I'd thought back then, 10 to 15 yeas ago....
Although my life is here in Portugal, I must recognize, truthfully, that it's not limited to the borders of my country or my city any more... And that because every day I contact with people from all parts of the world thru the Internet.
That is something I could antecipate 15 years ago but made possible a number of achievements that otherwise wouldn't be possible, at least, yet.
My son ia, also, another adventure for the next milenium....
He is 2 years old now (and growing!...) and I'm aware that in a short time a very big ride will begin (it has already begun, but it will become faster and faster and more and more demmanding....).
Any way, I have a number of things I would like to have already acomplished but are yet to be done. But as I believe that it's not usefull to lament ourselves, that is very much more usefull to see the number of things already acomplished in order to prepare the acomplishment of the others yet to be finished, I can only say how glad I am to have arrived here, witgh hte ones I love so much, and keep up with the work so that in a few years time, I can look back and see that I've walked much more than just another mile....

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